Our Journey

Our Journey

We grow our initial dreams by integrating them with today’s requirements and available resources.


The First Seed Sown through Farming

Tiryaki’s story started when our father, Ali Tiryakioğlu, began farming in Gaziantep.

1980 – 1990

First Big Steps in Industrial Production

We began industrial production at our lentil splitting plant. We began our domestic trade activities with rapid volume growth.

1990 – 2000

Growth and Maturation through Smart Investments

Other members of our family also took part in the management. With our financial strength and strong technical infrastructure, our dreams have grown as well. Our agricultural food production activities began with the building of our bulgur and lentil plants.

2000 – 2010

A Branding Phase Beyond the Borders

Our growth enabled us to play an active role in each stage of the value chain. As our production, warehousing, and shipping capacity increased, new business lines emerged, and Tiryaki started to sell its products worldwide.

2010 – 2020

Transforming the supply chain from farm to fork

We enjoyed great achievements in this period. We moved towards healthy products and entered new markets in line with our strategic plan. As a result, Tiryaki became the leading agricultural supply chain company in the industry and countries where we operate.

2020 –

Technology, R&D and Innovation Focused Leadership

Our investments have been increasing everyday thanks to new technological developments, our sustainability plans, R&D studies, and particularly the importance we attach to healthy food and renewable energy. We improve our products and the markets we operate in and build capacity with our distribution partners.

With Persistence, Confidence, and Hope for Future: Always Better, Always Together

The dream that began with the first seed sown by our father, Ali Tiryakioğlu, continues as a praiseworthy corporate success story for a better and more productive future.