Contribution to Society

Contribution to Society

Our main principle is to provide benefit and create value for society in line with the idea of “better when shared.”


We know the importance of education; thus, we add value to the future.

We offer educational scholarship opportunities as part of Koç University’s Anatolian
Scholarship Program.

We offer educational scholarships to more than 100 students every year in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent.

We support the “One School, One Thousand Futures” project in cooperation with two schools in Gaziantep.

Society and Environment

We are aware of our social responsibilities with our guiding corporate values, ethical approach, culture, and employees with high social sensitivity.

We provide food, shelter, and education opportunities to people in need in emergency situations such as earthquakes, fires, or diseases.

Social Aids

We make regular donations to organizations such as Darüşşafaka, Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation, TEMA, as well as the Kifder Foundation, which aims to increase the life expectancy and improve the life quality of patients with Cystic Fibrosis.

Our run team participated in the Istanbul Marathon as part of TEMA’s “Run After Goodness” project, and our company together with our colleagues supported children’s meeting with nature by taking part in a donation campaign.