CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message

Dear Stakeholders,

We are proud of how much we have accomplished on our journey that began in 1965, with
the farming dreams of our father, Ali Tiryakioğlu.

Our operations are spread over 4 continents with continuous growth.

Our trade volume has increased more than two folds in the past five years, reaching 3 million tons and $2 billion. We are proud of the level we have achieved as well as the strategies we built on solid foundations to reach this level. The levels we have achieved by following well-thought-out strategies prove that our success was not accidental or temporary, and this boosts our confidence to aim higher.

We reap the fruits of our core strategy based on having hands-on at every step of the supply chain. We source from more than 35 countries, process products at our 25 production facilities and store them in our warehouses with 600.000 metric tons capacity. We deliver our products to more than 50 countries in different parts of the world through 21 ports where we operate.

Our distribution activities in Iraq and organic farming have been our growth pillars in recent years. Being complimentary of our overall strategy, we aim for integration throughout the supply chain. As part of this strategy, we have made significant investments in farming, sourcing, logistics, and distribution. We are glad to be the operator of the Giresun Port, which we have transformed into the only port serving solely organic agricultural products in the world.

We support our growth with our sustainable profitability and strong balance sheet.

We believe that operating profit is essential for any sustainable business. Though fluctuations are inevitable due to volatile markets, we manage to achieve our long-term average profitability targets. We have a quite strong equity structure thanks to the contribution of this operating profit. The strength of our balance sheet enables us to self-finance our investments which are deemed to fuel our growth.

We will continue to grow through investments in different parts of the world.

We are working on different projects to support our robust growth with new investments. We are planning further investments to reinforce our leading position in organic products in North America and increase our share in Europe. Additionally, we want to build our soybean cracking and refining facilities in Iraq by 2023 to increase our share in the rapidly-growing Middle East market. We have prepared our business plans to strongly expand our operations in Africa, which has recently been central to our origination activities in recent years. As a result of our main focus on West Africa, we predict that the share of this region in our total sales and supply operations will rise rapidly in the coming years.

Our people are our greatest asset.

We owe all our achievements to our more than 1,500 colleagues and their families. The unprecedent pandemic revealed once again our employees’ resilience, devotion, and determinism to succeed under challenging circumstances. We’re delighted to overcome the pandemic with galvanized corporate culture.

Tiryaki is an innovative and strong leader.

We are aware that we will see astonishing innovations in every aspect of our lives all around the world in the future. Tiryaki Group will be one of the pioneers of this change in our industry. While leading this change with our innovative and strong structure, we will enter new markets, make new investments, and continue to create value for all our stakeholders.

Süleyman Tiryakioğlu