We owe our reputation in the industry to our commitment to ethical values.

Integrity, transparency, fairness, and consistency is undisputable principles of our corporate culture. All departments do comply with domestic and international regulations . We as employees, subsidiaries and business partners run our activities as transparent and accountable approach which is integral part of our corporate culture. We are apostles of fair and ethical competition.

We developed and implemented a robust compliance program our affiliates to build an open and transparent corporate identity. We refined our compliance program from local and international laws and regulations, company policies and procedures, ethical principles, and the agreements and undertakings we signed.

We created the compliance program by:

  • identifying and assessing risks,
  • determining the control measures to be conducted to reduce risks,
  • monitoring the efficiency of these control measures,
  • training employees,
  • establishing and/or updating the necessary policies and procedures,
  • managing whistleblowing processes,

In our companies and affiliates, we undertake:

  • to comply with all national and international laws, regulations, rules, and standards,
  • to adopt zero-tolerance on corruption, bribery, and money laundering,
  • to be against employing any illegal worker.
  • to ensure that all stakeholders avoid conflicts of interest and comply with the mandatory principle of transparency.
  • to do our part to on sustainable development,
  • to keep accurate and reliable financial records as required.
  • to respect human rights.

Compliance and Ethics Committee

We developed the Compliance and Ethics Committee to provide corporate guidance in implementing the company’s open and transparent business model. Thus, Tiryaki will give a corporate identity to its open and transparent business relations with all parties (government agencies, suppliers, customers, contractors, employees, partners, etc.) within the framework of regulations.

Fight Against Corruption and Unfair Competition

Established internal regulations and audit procedures using digital technologies to deter corruption. We monitor any violation of law that affects the company’s stakeholders. We take measures in line with the internal audit procedures.