Good people,
Good earth
Leading Agricultural Products Supply Chain Company

With the experience of more than 50 years and the mission of leaving a better world to future generations, we add value to the lives of millions of people from farmers to consumers. Thanks to our operational capability as the leading agricultural supply chain company in the industry and countries where we operate, we deliver our products from farm to fork safely and healthily.

Supply Chain

Safely deliver from farm to fork with effective supply chain.

Ciftcilik Farming Sourcing Logistics Processing Storage Trade Consumers Farming As a private sector company, we have the largest agricultural land in the region. With our 500 thousand hectares of agricultural land investment in different geographies, we continue to be the leading agriculture company. Kaynaklama Farming Sourcing Storage Trade Consumers Sourcing We strive to deliver healthy, quality products to consumers in the most efficient way. Thanks to our sourcing capacity, we purchase and process crops in several countries in the world and deliver them to countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America, as well as Turkey. Processing Logistics Lojistik Farming Logistics Storage Trade Consumers Logistics Effectively using our sea and road logistics network, we store and process our products in 9 facilities and 24 plants in various countries worldwide and deliver them to our customers. Processing Sourcing Isleme Farming Processing Storage Trade Consumers Processing We prepare our products using natural methods by processing them in 9 production facilities and 24 plants in accordance with international quality and hygiene standards and ensure timely delivery to our customers. Sourcing Logistics Depolama Farming Storage Trade Consumers Storage With our storage capacity of 600.000 tonnes, we give special care to meet products quality and safety standards. Processing Sourcing Logistics Ticaret Farming Storage Trade Consumers Trade With our ability to understand different cultures, we lead the trade, and we always set high goals in line with our innate trade understanding. We use our global know-how to understand different regions and use our experience and human resources to achieve better results. Processing Sourcing Logistics Tuketiciler Farming Storage Trade Consumers Consumers Thanks to our farm-to-fork food supply chain journey, we ensure that consumers access quality, healthy, affordable, and reliable products. Processing Sourcing Logistics

Facts and Figures


As a leading and well-known agricultural supply chain company that adds value to the industry and countries we operate, we continue to grow thanks to our expertise, employees, investments, and sales volume.

Sourcing from



Operating in



Sales to



Turnover Over

2 Billion


Agricultural Products Over

5 Million





Our Journey to Success

We have been striving for a better, more productive future.

Sürdürülebilirlik Risk Management Sustainability Corporate Management Values Sustainability We know the value of soil and make investments for a better future with our 50 years of experience.

With the sensitivity of leaving a better world to future generations, we prefer healthy food and renewable energy sources at every stage of our business, we continue our activities by observing the principles of having a sustainable ecosystem and survival of humanity and nature.
Kurumsal Yönetim Sustainability Corporate Management Values Corporate Management With our competent and professional staff, we manage all stages of the agricultural supply chain using integrated technological systems. Thanks to the success of multi-stage supply chain management and the satisfaction of our stakeholders, we have been marching towards our productivity and profitability goals.

As Tiryaki, we attach great importance to the high level of belonging and commitment of our colleagues, as well as the strong cooperation of our business partners. We consider operational excellence as a continuous journey focused on meeting the needs of stakeholders and customers consistently with high quality.
Risk Management
Risk Yönetimi Risk Management Sustainability Corporate Management Values Risk Management Our management team of specialists maintains the balance of risk, growth, and income in our company when taking any strategic decision at any stage of our supply chain. They manage and represent the company considering its long-term interests and sustainability in line with a rational and prudent risk management approach that is in accordance with regional conditions. More Değerler Sustainability Values Values We own a corporate culture of ''good people'' with the mission of leaving a better world for future generations. The values that have been grown by the Tiryakioğlu Family with the seeds of ''good people, good earth'' are the core values of our company today. More Risk Management Corporate Management