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    Corporate Citizenship and Strategic Planning

    Tiryaki evolves into Turkey’s biggest agricultural business.

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    Sustainable Growth

    Foreign trade, new business areas, increased capacity, more access to capital and human resources

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    Growth Infrastructure Second Generation

    Increasing recognition, strong capital, developments in technical infrastructure and family members joining management on merit

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    The Prelude To Growth

    The first industrial production and trade

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    The Beginning

    Company founded by Ali Tiryakioğlu in Gaziantep.

Tiryaki started its commercial journey in 1965 as a small lentil processing facility established by Ali Tiryakioğlu in Gaziantep, Turkey, using the period until 1990 to gain experience, build its infrastructure and make investments for growth. The scope of business expanded in Turkey in the 1990’s, with the inclusion of professional second generation family members. In the new millennium, Tiryaki focused on technical infrastructure investments and capital expansion, becoming a renowned player in the sector. Sustainable growth was a key factor for the following decade.

New areas of business and international trade opportunities were actively sought out and followed, while investing heavily in higher production capacity. Tiryaki successfully set up the business organisation to compete in a sector with many international power-houses and has evolved into Turkey’s biggest agricultural products supply chain company with the production, storage and trade of dried pulses, grains, dried nuts, organic food, animal feed and oil seeds.

Behind Tiryaki’s success lies a solid foundation, great aspirations, passionate and visionary family members, and most of all the principle of working with good people in the right place and at the right time.