CEO Message

Esteemed Business Partners and Colleagues,

The world has entered a period of slower growth for the foreseeable future. Thus, doing business in an environment of low commodity prices, geopolitical turmoil and political uncertainty is becoming more and more of a challenge. It is vital that the Turkish economy continues to remain vibrant during these times, and this can only be accomplished by setting a sound economic reform agenda and closely adhering to it.

Reforms should target strengthening the Turkish economy and we believe that high added value and internationally competitive products, and sustainable growth with increasing exports will lead to an overall more flourishing nation.

Focusing on Innovative Products and Niche Areas

Global agricultural trends show more extensive investments and Tiryaki has focused on high added-value production in niche areas requiring specialisation and expertise to increase Turkey’s competitive edge. To ensure profitable growth, Tiryaki has kept a close eye on global developments as well as sectoral dynamics. As with other lines of business, the agricultural sector will continue to evolve with more specialisation, innovative products and new niche areas. Utilising the expertise it has accumulated over the years, Tiryaki will continue to adapt to changes in the sector with confidence. Our well-established presence and performance as the supply chain leader for production and commerce in the organic food sector, is a clear indication of how much further we can develop our business with new products and new markets.

A Financially Stable Tiryaki

Moreover, we will continue to be an example for the sector in terms of developing more effective risk management systems and policies to ensure continued growth despite economic and geopolitical fluctuations in Turkey and around the world. For the same reason, we believe that maintaining a strong financial structure is of paramount importance and we prioritise high productivity investments within this framework. We pursue our operations with astute budgeting of business capital, keeping overall sustainability as our guideline, and we continue to create benefit for our shareholders.

Corporate Management and Sustainability are Tiryaki Cornerstones

It is with great pride that we have seen our company value increase with successful business figures, a long-term strategic approach, effective risk management, commitment to benefiting all our stake-holders, vigorous financial strength and a focus on corporate administration. The heart of our business success lies in the human factor, our colleagues, business partners and shareholders whom we honour foremost within our corporate structure.

People are the Heart of Tiryaki

We could not have come this far without the support of our colleagues, shareholders and other stakeholders. The strength we get from them has driven Tiryaki to become Turkey’s biggest corporate family business in the sector.

I hereby extend my gratitude to all our stakeholders for their part in our success story.

Süleyman Tiryakioğlu