About Us

About Us

First established in 1965 as a lentil processing plant by Ali Tiryakioğlu in Gaziantep, Tiryaki has evolved into the sector leader in Turkey processing agricultural products such as pulses, grains, nuts, organics, feed and oilseeds with an exemplary supply chain.

Agricultural Products Supply Chain Management

Tiryaki enhances the solid base of its supply chain with added-value and high-productivity investments. Our success lies in getting the right products to the right location at the right time, to meet basic human and animal food needs all over the world. Tiryaki business activities revolve around humility, honesty, diligence and above all people, growing on these foundations to become one of the most important sector players in Turkey and the region, as evidenced by ranking 61th and 49th respectively in the 2015 Capital and Fortune magazines 2019 “Top 500 Private Companies in Turkey”.

14 Regions, 20 Facilities

With headquarters in Istanbul, Tiryaki carries out operations in Turkey and around the world with production and warehousing activities in 14 regions and 20 facilities.

Procurement from 25 & Exports to 80 Countries

Continuing to expand its areas of activities with procurement from 25 and exports to 80 countries, Tiryaki has gained recognition as an international agriculture business.

Revenues Exceeding 2 Billion USD

Tiryaki is the top grains, pulses and oilseeds producer, exporter and supplier for certified organic agriculture in the world. Building its growth strategy on a well-trimmed organisational structure, dynamic human resources and a strong financial base within the framework of regional leadership, Tiryaki continues operations in agricultural commerce with a systematic approach and an effective risk management team, in tune with domestic sector values as well as global market developments.

In line with our mission as the sector leader in Turkey and the region, we have expanded our corporate brand and financial capabilities by partnering with Investcorp and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which honoured Tiryaki with its first capital investment in Turkey.