Vision and Values



Looks for good-will from counterparts when starting business relations. Wears honesty like a precious bracelet, knowing that it is a vital asset and can open many doors. Stays away from projects and people with dishonest dealings and ventures that lack transparency in business.

“Respect” and “modesty” are core values in all aspects of life. Recognises how creating strong and lasting business relations, a real bridge between stakeholders, adds personal value and esteem to the company. Sees arrogance as an arch-enemy.

Feels responsible for actions as well as inactions. Carries out work with speed and efficacy when given authority and tasks, fully aware of responsibilities towards all stakeholders. Does not work with irresponsible people who are not serious about their work.

Believes that plentitude should be shared fairly as per our motto “Good people, fertile lands…” Deems suppliers, clients, shareholder and colleagues as family and divides earnings by giving a fair share to all family members.

Believes that an early start to the day and productive work is inherent to a prosperous business.

Looks not only for loyalty in business relations but also for merit. Company values and interests are foremost in all business decisions.

Good criticism comes from humility and not from the pedantry of conceit. With a constructive manner, criticism can become an welcome part of life and can be filtered positively for personal development.

Follows opportunities on both the company level and the macro setting with high awareness, to create new business ventures. Develops new and pioneering ideas and pushes limits to implement them.