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Welcome to http://www.tiryaki.com.tr (hereafter the Website) the Tiryaki Agro Food Industry and Trade Inc. (hereafter Tiryaki Agro) corporate Website.

The “Terms of Use” defined below set the conditions of Tiryaki Agro for obtaining and protecting the information of our valued users. Visitors to the Website or users who fill out forms on the Website will be deemed as having read the articles of the terms of use below and accepted the terms therein.

Terms of Use

1. All property rights, rights of use, rights according to Law KHK 554 for Protection of Industrial Design; and the right to process, duplicate, disseminate, represent these; to create insignia; the right communicate these to the public with tools for sound and/or visual communication arising from Law 5846 for Intellectual and Artistic Works; and again the moral or any other rights arising from Law number 5846 of all the material that appears on the Internet website http://www.tiryaki.com.tr (hereafter as Website) are the property of Tiryaki Agro Food Industry and Trade Inc. (hereafter Tiryaki Agro) with headquarters at 3. Sanayi Bölgesi - Mehmet Batallı Bulvarı - 13 Numaralı Cadde No: 8 - Başpınar Gaziantep TURKEY. This Website has been created by Tiryaki Agro for the purpose of providing general information about Tiryaki Agro.

Unless otherwise stated, copyrights for all texts, visuals and other works published on the Website are the property of Tiryaki Agro. All text, visuals, audio, animation and video files and designs are covered by copyright under Law 5846 for Intellectual and Artistic Works and all the legal regulations under this law. These elements cannot be copied, used or otherwise published for commercial purposes. Offenders are liable under Law 5846 for Intellectual and Artistic Works.

These documents cannot be copied or reproduced, unless permitted by the on-line system. Independently from this, users may print pages of the Website for their personal use.

As an exception to this general principle Tiryaki Agro may provide free download access to wallpaper, screen saver and other applications.

All logos, brand and corporate insignia and vehicle dressing marks shown on the Website are protected under the provisions of Law KHK 556 for Protection of Trademarks. The Logos cannot be copied or used in any way. Users who infringe on this will be prosecuted.

2. Users who wish to create a link should direct the link to the main page of the Tiryaki Agro Website http://www.tiryaki.com.tr
3. Current technology is applied to protect the Website from virus and other malware, but final responsibility lies with users who should utilise their own anti-malware systems and provide their own protection. In this context, users accept that they are ultimately responsible for any errors, or direct and indirect consequences, that may arise on their computer software or operating system as a result of using the Website.

4. All information, visuals, explanations and news (hereafter Information) appearing on the Website is for information purposes. Under no circumstances can users claim that the Information is incorrect or claim damages on the basis of this Information. Users who wish to lawfully use this Information as reference for an activity, pre-accept that Tiryaki Agro is not liable for legal, administrative, financial or penal damage arising from Information published on the Website that has not been updated.

It is strictly forbidden to access and take information, in a manner that can be considered an attack, from the Tiryaki Agro DATABASE for content accessible and/or displayed on the Website. Any form of attack or unauthorised access to the information system will be legally prosecuted with full material and moral damage rights by Tiryaki Agro under Turkish Penal Code Article 243.

Tiryaki Agro is a “Space Provider” under Law 5651 and holds a “Space Provider Operation Certificate” as per the regulations of the Information and Communications Authority. As a Space Provider, Tiryaki Agro is bound by Law 5651 and related regulations to take and keep records on User activity on the Website (also Portal) as stipulated. Tiryaki Agro is legally bound without exception to fulfil the stipulations of Article 5 in Law 5651 as a Space Provider.
5. Tiryaki Agro holds the exclusive right at its discretion to change content on the Website, to end or change any service it provides to Users, and to delete User information and data registered on the Website. Even though Tiryaki Agro has taken all technical precautions to ensure that the Website is error-free, we cannot guarantee against existing or potential errors on the Website.
6. In the event of a criminal proceeding or request of official investigation against Users by a public authority, and/or actions by Users that are construed as electronic sabotage or attack that hinders or alters the function of the Tiryaki Agro systems, Tiryaki Agro holds the right to investigate User identification information and submit them to authorities.
7. Tiryaki Agro can collect personal information from visitors of the Website, either directly (User submitted information) and indirectly (e.g. Internet login records).
8. Tiryaki Agro does not collect information defining visitors (e.g. name, address, telephone number or e-mail) unless the Users agree to submit them. Personal information given to Tiryaki Agro will be kept on record and may be used for marketing, market surveys, tracking sales information and for communicating with Users. Furthermore, Tiryaki Agro may share this information for the same purposes with other international Group Companies and authorised distributors. Information volunteered by Users on this Website, will be subject to the same conditions.
9. Due to the structure of the Internet information can be transferred without sufficient security measures and be used by unauthorised persons. Tİryaki Agro cannot be held legally, penally, financially or administratively responsible for this kind of unauthorised use or damages thereof.
10. Impersonal information such as visitor browser and operation system, and the link or domain name of the forwarding site may be collected in certain cases.
11. Information may be sent to your computer when you visit the Website in the form of cookies or similar files. These are helpful in that they enable us to arrange the site and advertising according to visitor interest areas and preferences. Almost all Internet browsers have settings to delete, prevent cookies and otherwise manage cookies, kindly see your browser settings and help files for this.
12. In the case of litigation between Users and Tiryaki Agro, the electronic records of Tiryaki Agro will be admissible as evidence.
13. Tiryaki Agro reserves the right to amend, renew or cancel any article of the Terms of Use in the Website without prior notice. Each amended, renewed or no longer inapplicable article will be effective for all Users as of the date of publishing.
14. The Website has been created and is being operated according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. The laws of the Republic of Turkey will be applied and the Courts of Istanbul will be authorised in litigations regarding the Website.

Company Title: Tiryaki Agro Gıda San. ve Tic.A.Ş.
Authorised Person: Köksal Küçükada
Commercial Register No: 754138
Head Office: Gaziantep
e-mail: info@tiryaki.com.tr
Telephone No: 0216 3332000
Space Provider: tiryaki.com.tr