Successful Relations Management

Successful Relations Management

Agricultural Trade Bridge Between East and West

Tiryaki is a true bridge between east and west for international agricultural commerce, making the best use of Turkey’s strategic location as a logistics centre for global trade. The advantage of its diversity of co-existing cultures, and the trust based on experience and know-how from decades of close relations with producers and suppliers in regional markets.

Globalisation has created more interaction between countries, along with a need for innovations in financing and trade. Tiryaki has the genes to adapt to both an eastern and a western business philosophy, building a synergy that balances each country’s needs with the best products and services.

Tiryaki believes that long-term sustainable relations are the key to success, investing in programs and projects in different countries to fulfil specific local needs. All our new investments take into account the priorities of the region in reaching global standards, as well as the needs at the local level. Mutual benefit forms the basis of our business relations, along with a fair and sharing approach.

Trust in People

Tiryaki’s rational, business and solution-oriented perspective puts everyone on the same level, and we consider our farmers, producers, suppliers and co-workers as part of the family. Turkey’s abundance of fertile lands where east meets west and the good people who have put their trust in this land, have shaped us as a good corporate citizen that our business partners and our country take pride in.