Risk Management

Risk Management

Tiryaki is the sector’s most corporate family company in Turkey and carries out its business under corporate management principles to full effect under the Board of Directors. Composed of members who are experts in their fields, the Board of Directors administers and represents the company by implementing rational and prudent risk management in all strategic decisions, with a focus on the optimum balance of growth and revenue levels.

Disciplined work under the Tiryaki code of business and pro-active management to minimise risk, are two inseparable aspects of our business model. Our Risk Management team works hand-in-hand with management at all levels to anticipate and minimise risk potential in managing the global-scale and wide range of our product portfolio.

The Tiryaki Board of Directors appoints committees to set risk management guidelines and related limits to minimise risk to company beneficiaries. Internal audit systems that include information technology and processes are set up with the input of these committees. These Performance Committees and sub-committees active in the management of Tiryaki operations, ensure that all company activities are carried out in a transparent, accountable, fair and responsible manner. All decisions are made with the best interest of co-workers and other stakeholders in mind.

Proactive Risk Management

The proactive Tiryaki Risk Management team is composed of highly competent and analytical professionals, who are well-acquainted with their customers. Our Risk Management team combines knowledge of the markets with evaluations from customers and distributors to create detailed analyses and report these under the risk management hierarchy.

As Tiryaki has grown in global markets, we have further strengthened our risk management structure to adapt to the increasing burden of both domestic and international regulations to safeguard our business.

Collaboration with International Financial Markets

The relations we have developed with multinational investment banks such as the EBRD, IFC and the FMO have made Tiryaki renowned in international finance markets, in turn creating new business opportunities. The diversity of bank portfolios, long-term loan facilitation, and the capacity of working with international banks has provided resilience for Tiryaki against domestic and global financial downturns.

Risk Position Analysis

The Tiryaki Risk Management Committee ensures that financial as well as operational risks are monitored and controlled at all levels of the organisation. The Risk Management Committee meets every two weeks with the participation of the Board of Directors. Risk positions are analysed at these meetings, action plans are drafted and running action plans are followed up. The Risk Committee prepares and shares the risk management report at the quarterly Board of Directors meeting.