Reputation Management

Reputation Management 

Tiryaki carries out all activities with a focus on protecting the environment, providing quality and dependable products according to customer needs, and creating a healthy and safe working environment to ensure the personal development of our co-workers. We continue our work in social responsibility, as part of our corporate esteem management, by supporting projects in education, health, culture and arts that advance local communities.

At Tiryaki, we believe that corporate esteem is a core asset of our company, and we listen closely to the input and ideas of our social partners. Moreover, we see corporate esteem as a determining factor in creating a competitive edge between similar global products and services offered in our day, and we make sure that we carefully preserve it at all levels of our operations. This naturally extends to our business relations with all the people we collaborate with. Our dedication to confirming our reputation in the long-term, is perhaps the biggest secret to our prospering success as an international sector brand.

Transparent & Accountable Management

We are fully aware that our esteem management principles create further value for all our business ventures, our sector prestige and most of all for our human resources. We ask for the same sincerity and honesty from everyone we work with and we also expect them to uphold and further our business reputation. The common factors in our corporate management principles have always been accountability, transparency and enhancing investor trust. In accordance with this, the Tiryaki management team shares correct, full and timely information about operations with the public, to further protect the rights of our stake-holders and increase the financial returns on projects they invest in.

Good Corporate Citizenship

Tiryaki shares all its activities with the public, in a manner that is accurate, transparent and verifiable. As part of good corporate management, we also share quality information with all our stake-holders. This means that our past performance is carefully documented and that our future endeavours are clearly set forth. Transparency is applied at all levels of activities and we encourage and maintain open and systematic channels of communicating input at all levels.

Tiryaki’s reputation and operations as a corporate citizen in good standing involves protecting the rights of its employees and shareholders, while conforming to greater laws and regulations that reflect public values.