Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Tiryaki directs the whole operation from the field to the consumer as a true supply chain manager. The flawless running of this multi-faceted operation that involves customer satisfaction, speed and well-defined processes and procedures is vital to the company’s productivity and profitability.

Masterful Process and Procedure Management

Tiryaki implements the same central system and standards in its national and international offices, to analyse all phases of the supply chain and make continuos improvements. Rather than referring decisions to the head office, we manage these processes on a regional basis through departments compatible with the business model, and equipped with centralised and clear decision making systems. Thus, the same central management capabilities that are augmented with technological infrastructure, are available at the regional level to managers with increased authority.

Tiryaki invests more in technology than sector standards and has achieved management, operation and growth ratios above the sector average, by integrating and effectively using state-of-the-art technology in all processes.


Tiryaki carries out periodic surveys with co-workers and customers to enhance productivity and excellence in the management of all supply chain processes.

Tiryaki’s human resources are a driving force as stakeholders, just like our clients and suppliers. We regularly contact clients and suppliers to periodically analyse their input and satisfaction. These comments and suggestions are vital to fine-tuning all our business activities.

Optimal Integration of Operations and Technology

At Tiryaki, we have fully integrated technology into our business procedures and technology has become a strength in our operational excellence, productivity and institutional progress.

A central ERP system that covers the full range of processes is implemented in all national and international Tiryaki offices. Modules and applications developed to international standards, as well as custom applications by sector, product and market are also integrated in the system. This infrastructure is further supplemented by decision support systems involving business rationale, budget and consolidation modules, mobile applications and the IoT among others, making Tiryaki a technologically advanced sector company.

Tiryaki provides prompt and efficient supply chain management at global standards with high-tech systems that enable follow-up of client credit limits, integration with bank systems, automatic tonnage input, business rationale, mobile systems, detailed monitoring such as temperature and humidity of production and warehouses all over the world on Cloud systems, as well as the technologically advanced equipment used in the warehousing and logistics processes.

Tiryaki has reached the point where all business operations are integrated in the ERP system and business procedures are clearly mapped out, with transparent monitoring that is shared with all of those involved.

Detailed Analysis and Reporting

Managing business operations on a central system enables Tiryaki to do detailed analysis for cost control and operational controls, providing further opportunity to enhance operational excellence and the effective administration of processes. We have a highly adaptable infrastructure and a formidable business team that follows changing global trends and promptly integrates them into the system, bolstered by the process of input for change and improvement from our colleagues that translate to major operational benefits.