Effective Human Resources

Effective Human Resources

Tiryaki sees all co-workers as part of the family and invests in human resources applications, to support company loyalty as well as personal development in a peaceful and productive environment.

Regular Employee Satisfaction Surveys

We carry out an annual employee satisfaction survey that quantifies and analyses evaluations from colleagues, transforming these into action plans for the benefit of all. Tiryaki has a sharing and participatory management style and values the input of all personnel for important company decisions. Employees have the opportunity to convey suggestions and criticism in all areas and these are again studied in detail, complemented with face-to-face meetings and transformed into action plans.

Planned Personal and Vocational Training

The professional and personal development of our colleagues are of high importance at Tiryaki, and we collaborate with the best training companies in the sector to provide regular vocational and personal training. Command of different languages are crucial in global trade and we support our personnel in learning foreign languages. As a growing company Tiryaki gives priority to in-house promotion, evaluating successful company staff for management positions.

Support for Sustainable Development

Tiryaki draws great strength from its co-workers who uphold company values, embrace the company spirit and vision, and who care about their colleagues as much as they care about themselves. Sustainable development is key to all our operations and the same holds true for our colleagues for whom we create and share financial means, even allowing for performance bonuses from company profits for those who fulfil certain criteria.