Why Tiryaki

Leading Position

The agricultural food sector in Turkey and the world is growing in parallel with changes in population, income, consumer habits and increased urbanisation especially in developing economic regions.

Ranking among leading global agricultural food sector companies, Tiryaki continues its strong growth trend with its strategic location and over 30 years of experience in the sector. Our achievements have been recognised among “Turkey’s Top 500 Businesses” by ranking 61th in Fortune Magazine and 49th in Capital Magazine for 2019. Moreover, Tiryaki took sixth place in the Ekonomist Magazine’s “Top 500 Anatolian Businesses” ranking in 2018.

Unique Business Model for Employee Specialisation Opportunities

One of the important players in the growing global agricultural food sector, Tiryaki offers career opportunities in a wide range of areas such as trade, operations, logistics, treasury and finance, information technology and production, while providing opportunities for specialisation to all its co-workers. Tiryaki has created a unique business model that covers the whole supply chain process from the field to the consumer involving purchasing, maritime and land freight, foreign trade operations, processing, warehousing and commerce among other aspects. Professionals who wish to specialise in these areas are offered career opportunities.

A Participatory Management Approach for a Young and Dynamic Team with Average 5 Years Promotion Ratio

With an average employee age of 36 and over 1500 staff, Tiryaki has become a dynamic power owing to the tenacity and energy of its young human resources. The Tiryaki Human Resources team utilises a contemporary and strategic approach to developing employee skills, while increasing staff loyalty and upholding our creative, unifying and sustainable corporate culture. Tiryaki’s management style involves sharing and participation, and we pay serious attention to ideas from staff.

Extensive Training Opportunities

At Tiryaki we really care about the professional and personal development of our colleagues, and we offer them personal, professional and technical training in collaboration with leading sector service providers. As a company operating in global markets, we also provide for language courses for our staff to augment international business access.

63% In-house Promotion Rate

The human resources that will carry Tiryaki into the future are driven by the company values of honesty, diligence and professionalism. Our motto “Good People, Good Earth” combines praise to the bounty of the earth with the value we place on people. Our most important assets are our human resources, who protect company values and internalise the company spirit and vision. This is why we give priority to our own brilliant staff for promotion opportunities as we continue to grow.

Kindly review our Career Opportunities section to take your place in our rapidly expanding organisation.