Human Resources Applications

Training and Development

Tiryaki provides training to enhance the vocational and personal development of employees, to ensure the best use of their capabilities. Our colleagues can benefit from the following training programs according to position, seniority and performance:

  • Personal Development Programs
  • Vocational Technical Training
  • Certification Programs
  • Foreign Language Courses
  • Work Health and Safety Training
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Overseas Training
  • Online Training

We further support the training and development of our personnel with programs for different functions provided by our in-house training team, as well as orientation programs organised for new staff.

Social Activities

The Tiryaki Club is where we all get get together to strengthen social ties and carry out social activities that anybody can submit as a suggestion.

Every month we have breakfast days and play days with bowling, paintball, carting and other activities. During the year we take part in soccer and bowling tournaments with other companies, and we also participate in events such as theatre, cinema and concerts.

On special days, we like to surprise our colleagues with family events and other opportunities that bring us all together such as painting competitions, New Year parties and happy hour to augment employee motivation and satisfaction.

Every year we also have Promotion Award meetings for our personnel, in addition to the Employee of the Month Award where blue-collar staff is evaluated on performance.

There is an active library updated monthly in each Tirkyaki branch, where employees can take out books. Here we can take short breaks from the daily tempo of business by reading a book or participating in doing big puzzles. Guests and applicants also have access to these areas while waiting. Each finished puzzle is framed and presented to an employee every month.

Ideas Workshop

We like to involve our personnel in our business development and improvement procedures, urging them to take a critical look at activities and provide positive input. We have set up an in-house suggestion system, which provides incentive for innovation and creativity, better corporate culture understanding and a greater sense of belonging to the Tiryaki family.

In addition to this, we also have annual Employee Satisfaction Survey that we take seriously as a marker of our business, transforming the opinions and suggestions of our co-workers into applications for business development and procedures.