From Our People

Enver Tanrıverdioğlu
Mersin Regional Manager

I have been with Tiryaki for six years in the Trading Department, which is our main area of business. What I like most about Tiryaki is the unity of working towards a shared goal, systematised access to upper management, common rationale to solving problems, and most importantly the freedom to express opinions in the decision making process. Frankly, these are important corporate values that I felt were missing in other companies I worked at. There is a peaceful, creative and vibrant work environment at Tiryaki, which enables us to love the work we do and provides an incentive to better ourselves.

Tiryaki is a company that cares about the satisfaction of both its employees and its customers. We sometimes even develop special applications to increase customer satisfaction. I always wanted to work in a developing, growing sector and Tiryaki’s continuous progress and drive to increase its market share in developing markets is highly motivating for me. The animal feed and oilseeds trade was a new sector for me when I arrived at Tiryaki, but not only have I become very good at my job, I also feel that I have learned business values that will guide me throughout my life. With Tiryaki I gained further expertise with integrity in effective cost planning, understanding and using key performance indicators, and many other business tools.

I admire Tiryaki’s resolve and pro-active approach in entering new and different markets. Thanks to the systems in place, rational decisions are made quickly in developing new product ranges and adapting operational procedures. Another exciting aspect is that Tiryaki is in tune with the global market and makes clever investments in new departments, production and trade as new developments unfold. .

I am thrilled to be part of a global agricultural trade company, which has advanced to the point of developing innovative tools to increase its market share in a rapidly expanding sector.

There are so many things that make you feel at home at Tiryaki and give you the joy of really owning your work. Its the perfect setting to advance your career with a feeling of security and joy, while applying all your capabilities to advance company interests.

Working at Tiryaki is not just about having a fulfilling job, its also about being part of the Tiryaki family.

Serkan Görgülü
Nuts Trade Director

I have been with Tiryaki as a senior trader for eight years. I previously worked in another private sector company.

The biggest difference I feel at Tiryaki is the intensive focus on business, on integrity and on making everyone feel at home. Despite the fast pace of business, this is a company that has kept its original values on the road to becoming a global entity.

Tiryaki is a harmonious system where everyone in different departments and positions follows each job from beginning to end, with a feeling of responsibility that goes beyond their job description. It is a great feeling to know that while we all adopt Tiryaki’s business values, we find that this is actually a match with our own individual values. Tiryaki really is an honest, respectful, modest, fair, sharing and hard-working company in every way. These are values that all of us should uphold, but you really appreciate them either when they are lacking or when they are fully honoured as with Tiryaki. Without these values it is difficult to be part of the Tiryaki family.

This is truly a family company where each employee is considered a family member, and we take care to provide everyone with an ample, comfortable and warm work environment to do the best job. My career at Tiryaki is a serious learning experience in terms of mastery in trading, international markets and management in general, not to mention personal benefits like greater patience, wider social circles and overall higher respectability. I plan to stay with this company, but generally speaking I couldn’t ask for a better reference.

Being part of the Tiryaki family means being diligent, successful and modest.

Abdelaziz Messai
Organic Audit & Certification Director

Since June of 2015 I have been working as General Manager of Lidya Organics, which is a Tiryaki group company based in Romania. Ask me to describe the Tiryaki business environment, I would say a combination of respect, trust, loyalty and a good sense of humour. Tiryaki is highly successful in its transparent business approach, where employees are free to openly communicate ideas that are valued and respected, and where we all feel as part of the family in the cordial and warm atmosphere it creates.

Since my first meeting with Tiryaki, I noticed how everyone is sincere, outspoken and warm-hearted, and how much they care about their relations with other people. At Tiryaki, good relations with people based on respect comes before business. At the core of these good relations are Tiryaki’s values of sincerity and loyalty, which are internalised and upheld by staff at all levels.

I am a rational person and my previous work environments had a more utilitarian approach to business. At Tiryaki I discovered that feelings and values are an important part of business life, in the way they can empower us to work harder and benefit our relations with people in general. Unlike the companies I worked at before, these common values are what unite and motivate Tiryaki employees to do that much more, and really do the best job they can.

Even though I come from a different country, I feel right at home in the environment that Tiryaki provides. I love the sincerity and warm-hearts of the people who work here. Universal values like freedom, honesty and loyalty coincide with the cultural and social values I found here, and I am glad to be sharing the same mindset. On this background, is the exciting challenge of anticipating new risks and integrating more opportunities into the expanding Tiryaki operations, which are centred around Turkey as an important production and trading hub for agricultural products.

Ana Maria Lagar
Chief Financial Officer - Lidya Walnuts

I have been working at Tiryaki since October 2015 as xxxxxxxxxxx. When I first visit Tiryaki headquarters in Istanbul, I felt like I had been at home of my own, not a company. When I started working at Tiryaki, I realized that every employee is a member of a big family, so Tiryaki is a workplace where you feel yourself at home. Besides, Tiryaki is a rapidly growing company that constantly offers better life and work conditions for its employees for them to react changing life conditions.

In life, some values ​​are important, and I can say that the values ​​that I care about also overlap with the values ​​of Tiryaki: To be honest, respectful and humble, responsible, hardworking. I believe that these values ​​will help me overcome the obstacles that will prevail in both private and business life. In Tiryaki, working experience, working hours and good relationships developed with my colleagues, and most importantly new things that I learned every day, has increased my working experience in a professional business environment.

I admire human-oriented approach in Tiryaki. As I met many people at Tiryaki, I realise that everybody is really happy to work here and willing to continue to work for many years. In many companies the situation can be the opposite, I hope Tiryaki will never lose this good quaility in the future. Tiryaki means new challenge every day, but not in a negative sense. Tiryaki means "every day is new day that my brain is constantly active" to me.

I truly believe that even after many years, Tiryaki will be a company that I will always remember where I matured myself with new knowledge and experience.

I also appreciate my colleagues who have helped me grow up and learn new things.

Doğan Erol
Financial Controller Manager

I worked at Deloitte, a financial audit company for five years before Tiryaki. I can honestly say that both are very dynamic companies, but Tiryaki is a much more dynamic company because there is ongoing change of pace. The environment here is much more sincere and based on human relations but in a professional manner.

Tiryaki is a corporate family company, but differentiates itself from other family business at the point of putting its employees at the center and valuing their ideas. Here, decisions are taken by a central management committee in an environment where the opinions of employees are received. Ideas are valued, managers can communicate with each other more sincerely with the open door policy.

There are a lot of process changes in my area of expertise, especially when it comes to business integration, new company acquisitions, integration with national and international finance processes, and so on, which is not a status quo. I work hard and get tired but every day I learn something new here, so I feel happy when I got home because I have invested myself a lot in my young age.

Every day is a brand new day in Tiryaki, a place where you do not repeat the work you did yesterday, you always have to face a different challenge and develop a proper strategy. Here, there is a fair working environment, place people’s ideas center, your ideas are valued, a company where employees are noticed, respect for their hard work. I think that being among the values ​​of Tiryaki is to be hardworking, to be fair, to have responsibility, honesty is the most important values ​​for me, and that these values ​​are best applied within the company.