Careers At Tiryaki

Selection and Placement

The capabilities we look for in new applicants are a combination of education, technical knowledge and expertise required for the position, with personal characteristics that best match our company values.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

The apprenticeship is perhaps the most important stage for students to take their first steps into a vocation, allow them to put the knowledge of their education into practice and understand how this fits into large-scale industrial production, and develop their knowledge and skills by taking an active part in operations.
Tirkyaki aims to grow with new graduate talent and other potential candidates who can add value to our work force.
Students for whom apprenticeship is compulsory can do their apprenticeship in the winter and summer periods.
Winter apprenticeship period: September - June
Summer apprenticeship period: June - September/October

University students with no compulsory apprenticeship are offered part-time work based on company needs and student expectations. Thus, students have the opportunity to practice the tools of their trade and develop new skills, as well as the chance to continue with us if there is mutual satisfaction. In this context, we collaborate with a range of universities on a regular basis.

Salary System and Benefits

Our salary policy is determined on a balance of company and market factors, with review every year in July. We always strive to improve the opportunities we offer our employees and we regularly participate in market salary surveys.

New personnel salaries are determined according to the responsibility required for the position, as well as the education, experience and skill level of starting personnel.

Our company works on the basis of 12 gross salaries a year. In addition to this, we provide benefits such as:

  • Life Insurance
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Transportation / Commute costs
  • Cafeteria Lunch an/or Meal Voucher Card
  • In-house Doctor Medical Care

Kindly review our Career Opportunities section to take your place in our rapidly expanding organisation.